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The End.


The End won't come without a fight.


All stories have an end, and this is the beginning of the end.

Jone And The Ragnarok

What sleeps below the surface of Alexandria comes calling...

Episode 36 - “Follow”

A pool party in the dead of winter? For sure! Just don't expect MW to jump in.

Episode 35 - “The BOBs Save Christmas”

An old friend of Kilt's needs the BOBs help to save Christmas!

Episode 34 - “OUT OF TIME”

A freak snowstorm has Morning Wood feeling a little lonely and one of Western Beacon Fire has gone out

Episode 33 - “Q&A With A Vampire Killer”

Episode 32 - “The Finley Letter”

It's Halloween again and Morning Wood has some advice for some would-be revel-makers.

Episode 31 - “By Its Cover”

Some familiar voices call in and MW has had just about enough of everyone's guff.

Episode 30 - “The Clearing Ahead”

It's a new school year and something in the air has people more twitchy than usual.

Strange Interlude: The Dean's Meeting Notes

Strange Interlude: Arctic Postcards From Morning Wood

Strange Interlude: Kilt & Gore Fix Up The Studio

Quick Announcement from Morning Wood

Episode 29 - “I Felt The Baby Kick”

MW dabbles in couples counseling...

Kilt and Gore Play it Safe - The Shield and Spear

Episode 28 - “Yankee At The Sitting-Up”

It's summer in Alexandria, and your girl Morning Wood has the DL on how to make the most of it.

Episode 27 - "These Damn Trees"

Kilt has some answers to who might be behind the mysterious recording heard during the radio station trolling, but will answers only lead to more questions?

Episode 26 - "The Long Night Out"

A Strange, delicious smell is emanating from the Paquioc River and it’s making the residence of Alexandria a little rowdy.

Episode 25 - "Missed Call"

Something strange is afoot on the radio waves, and someone out there has a message for Morning Wood and the listeners of WHAU.

Episode 24 - "Chester The Nightfly"

Gore is burned out on school and MW is joined by Valerie from Student Counseling.

Episode 23 - "There's Nothing In The Swamp"

A curious caller strikes a nerve in a long held rivalry. This month all procedes from the sales of merchandise from our bookstore will go to benefit The Stoneman Douglas Victims Fund and March For Our Lives

Episode 22 - "A Sense Of Danger"

The Alexandria Archives has two very special and wildly unqualified guests. This month all procedes from the sales of merchandise from our bookstore will go to benefit The Stoneman Douglas Victims Fund and March For Our Lives

Episode 21 - "Automatic Flowers"

The new year is here and that means it’s time for the annual Scouring at the Kings Library to clear any unpleasantness from the stacks.

Episode 20 - "Paranormal Appraisal 151"

Alexandria is in the grips of Hurricane Nebuchadnezzar and your girl Morning Wood is your voice in the storm.

Episode 19 - "Damsel"

Join your fellow AU students at the annual book fair on campus.

Episode 18 - "Knock At The Window"

It's Halloween, but your girl Morning Wood is having some trouble sleeping...

Episode 17 - "Roy"

WHAU’s morning radio show, “Morning Munch” has a special guest host.

Episode 16 - "Gordian Worm"

A new school year is almost upon us. MW has a surprise guest with some special announcements. Remember, when moving into your respective dorms, lift with your legs--not your back.

Strange Interlude: Kilt & Gore's Infamous Playlist

Kilt needs to generate revenue for Covenant BOB: Alexandria Division, and he needs Gore’s assistance.

Strange Interlude: Postcards From Morning Wood

Schools out for summer and MW takes some time away from the relaxation of her vacation in Innsmouth to correspond with her Alexandria comrades.

Strange Interlude: Bothering the Talent with Novelist Drew Hayes

Steve the alien stumbles upon a transmission from an alternate dimension where our intrepid heroes converse with the insanely talented Drew Hayes.

EPISODE 15 - "Outcall"

It's Girl Scout cookie season in Alexandria, and MW gets a surprise visitor at the studio. "Outcall" is written and narrated by Soren Narnia--Check out his podcast: Knifepoint Horror, and twitter @SorenNarnia.


It’s Creation Fest, and the students of AU are ready to show off their work! “AURA” is written by Colleen Kochensparger (follow her on Twitter @colleenyourroom) and narrated by Isha Sacharow.

EPISODE 13 - "Ophelia Explains It All"

A student struggles with his floor mates and another has a dark confession to make. “Ophelia Explains it All” is written by Al Bruno and narrated by Addison Peacock.

EPISODE 12 - "Spooks"

Gore’s a man on the run, and the unholy alliance between AU’s Temple of the Golden Dawn and the Christian Fellowship have big plans for the student body.

EPISODE 11 - "The Mandela Effect"

Morning Wood gets a call from a mysterious little girl, Kilt has an invitation, and a voice recorder found in the hedge maze has a secret to reveal. Also: Click here for The Lift podcast! And click here for The Cryptid Keeper podcast! Sooooo worth your time =)

EPISODE 10 - "Shine"

It’s quiz night at the Ironclad, with your hosts Morning Wood and The Revelator! The Others.


You're listening to The Skies Have Eyes, with your host: The Reveator! Featuring a very special guest from the podcast The Others.


Something sinister prowls the campus, Gore returns, and Morning Wood goes for a ride with Lt. Wooley. "The Hedge Maze" was written by Aaron Redacted and edited by Nicole Jorge and Uri Sacharow. It is performed by Peter Coffey. Featuring a very special guest from the podcast Cryptid Creatures.


Is the Paquiwoc Theater haunted? A call from AUPS gives us the answer. "Labyrinth" was written by Costa Koutsoutis and edited by Uri Sacharow and Nicole Jorge. It is performed by Isha Sacharow.

EPISODE 7 - "Initiation Night"

Morning Wood offers up some questionable advice and representatives from the Honors College explain how they're better than everyone else. “Initiation Night” was written by Uri Sacharow and edited by Nicole Jorge. It is performed by Uri Sacharow.

EPISODE 6 - "Christmas With Kurz"

Conspiracy theories abound and AU celebrates the holidays “Christmas With Kurz” was written by Nicole Jorge and Aaron Redacted, edited by Uri Sacharow and performed by Uri Sacharow.

EPISODE 5 - "Househunting"

AU prepares for the holidays, and Gore gets a car. Sort of. “Househunting” was written by Nicole Jorge, edited by Uri Sacharow and Aaron Redacted, and performed by Stephanie Redacted.

EPISODE 4 - "Echoes of Laughter"

AU recovers from the aftermath of Wendigo Fest and the Dean isn't happy. Featuring "Echoes of Laughter" written by Zoe Mikel-Stites and performed by Uri Sacahrow.


Morning Wood brings you the latest on this year's WendigoFest from a special guest, but not before the resident vampire calls in with an update. Featuring "The Tunnels" written by Nicole Jorge, Uri Sacharow, and Aaron Redacted and performed by Aaron Redacted.


It's Halloween on campus and Morning Wood has a brush with the Iron Law of Alexandria. Featuring "House Painting On Halloween" written by Uri Sacharow and performed by Zoe Mikel-Stites.


Morning Wood hears from a curious new caller. The Dean has some announcements to make. Featuring "Service Call" written by Uri Sacharow and performed by Zoe Mikel-Stites.